Eric Cotter

I’m not Mr. Poignant or slick enough to hire someone to write great things about me or my work. So here it is, simply: I love making great photographs of people being themselves and creating an environment that is relaxed and fun.

My personal philosophy is to help capture perfect moments that not only reflect Your Day, but will forever be a reminder of your exact feelings, right then and right there.

I am blessed with a wonderful wife, Heather, and two amazing girls, Madeline and Kaitlyn. That family started with me standing in front of God, my family, and friends on a wedding day exactly like yours. Not only do I relive that day each and every time I snap an image, I also take a glimpse into the future, to the days when I will again walk down the aisle, this time to give my daughters away in marriage. My goal is to bring that blend of enduring romance and the total joy of the moment to your wedding photographs.

Browse my images and you’ll see a clear reflection of my style, and I hope you’ll see a reflection of yours. Above all, feel free to just pick up the phone and call us, we’ll talk about Your Day and your dreams for it.

I am fortunate to shoot weddings and engagements exclusively for Jim Kennedy Photographers. Our studio has 8 of the most outstanding photographers in South Orange County. You can contact the studio at 800.264.4558 for details about booking. Packages start at $3,500.


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